Kael Soromir

Elven Ranger, Monster Hunter


Status: Alive

Kael is a blonde haired, blue-eyed elf from Reng-Var. His features are weathered and he bears many scars from his numerous battles with the creatures he hunts. He is obviously very experienced but definitely looks like he is aging past is prime. His cloak and armor of Elven make are no longer a rich green but have faded into a deep sage color.

After his battle with the Leviathan, he has lost the use of his left eye and has several circular scars on his neck and cheek from the leviathan’s tenticles. He wears a green bandanna to cover his missing eye.


Kael Soromir is an Elven ranger that makes a living hunting monsters for towns that will pay. He left his home city of Reng-Var and took upon a path of adventuring after refusing to be a merchant, as that was the caste he was born into. Although he was not born into the warrior caste and does not possess a lot of the desired genes for a warrior, he has trained to the point where he is a formidable opponent, even with these disadvantages.

Kael Soromir

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